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Sébastien Dubois

Sébastien Dubois - Founder

Favourite quote (knowing that he has three children):
Patience is a virtue.

Sébastien is a passionate software craftsman and open source contributor with many years of experience as senior full-stack developer, software architect and technical team leader.

Sébastien has worked for a long time in the finance industry where he has led large software development and infrastructure projects.

Over the years, he has been working on back-end systems, APIs, frameworks, Web applications and software architecture for large financial institutions in Belgium using different languages such as Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, Go, Python, Bash, C# and PHP, which gives him a broad perspective on modern software development. Sébastien also has a deep interest in IT security, its human factors and how (more) secure software can be built.




7130, Binche